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Event Highlights

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Why bully? Embrace.

Bullying is a problem, and we need YOU to take action.


Come and be inspired by Dr. Hymel as she opens this dialogue. Join educators and community members who are passionate about anti-bullying to discuss this important topic, with a facilitated round table discussion based on TED Talk by Shane Koyczan, "To This Day… for the bullied and beautiful"

Ticket price includes light refreshments, an educator's resource package and a chance to win fabulous door prizes including an iPad Air!

Event Agenda

  • 09:00 am - Registration

  • 09:20 am - Welcome and keynote speech

  • 10:00 am - TED viewing and facilitated round table discussions

  • 11:00 am - Gallery walk of table discussions

  • 11:30 am - Closing, Door Prizes, Networking

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Shelley Hymel

Dr. Hymel is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at UBC. She currently holds the Lando Professorship in Social and Emotional Learning, with her work focusing on social and emotional development in schools, and the interaction of social and academic functioning among children and youth. She is a part of the UBC Human Early Learning Partnership, an interdisciplinary unit aimed at optimizing children’s development through early intervention and research, one of the team leaders for PREVNet, a national organization focused on “Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence,” and a regional hub director for the Canadian Prevention Science Knowledge Cluster, funded by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. She helped established the Bullying Research Network (BRNET), a virtual network of over 100 research scholars from around the world. She publishes extensively in the area of social development and peer relations both nationally and internationally, with a major focus on school bullying, and works regularly with students experiencing social difficulties and with schools and school districts that want to address the social side of education.

Master of Ceremonies: Colleen Maybin

Born and raised in Victoria BC, Colleen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the University of Victoria as well as a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Education from the University of British Columbia. Colleen spent the first 5 years of her career as a music educator and in 1999 was seconded as an instructor and advisor in UBC’s Department of Education Fine Arts and Media in Education program. In 2001 she took on a transformative position with the Sarah McLachlan School of Music as the Children’s Choir Director. In 2009 she moved to London, England where she was the Arts College Manager at the Camden Community School. Her work resulted in numerous partnerships and earned her an Arts Works award from Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in 2011. As the Director of Education & Community Engagement at the Vancouver Opera, Colleen collaborated with Shane Koyzcan on the production of the play, "Stickboy" which premiered in October 2014.

Round Table Facilitators

Topics include social and emotional development, mental health, literature and the arts. 

  • Dr. Shelley Hymel, Professor, UBC Faculty of Education

  • Colleen Maybin, Director, Vancouver Opera

  • Carol Todd, Founder, Amanda Todd Legacy

  • Jacqueline Lloyd, Associate Faculty at Royals Roads University; StrategicPlay®

  • Ashley Mackenzie, English Teacher and Writer

  • Arianna Merritt, M.Ed;  AriannasRandomThoughts.com

  • Darren Mitzel, Principal of David Livingstone Elementary; Acceptance Canada

  • Tristan Powell, Teacher candidate; founder of #BCStuTeach

  • Ahmed Rahim, Teacher; StrategicPlay®

  • More names to be announced
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