Through Amanda’s Youtube video, the world has learned about her story and how no one should be bullied for being unique and different. The Amanda Todd Legacy is a non-profit society that focuses on awareness and the well being of individuals with respect to preventions encompassing cyberharassment and cybersafety as well as resources and education that encourage mental wellness and healthy living.

Dr. Hymel holds the Lando Professorship in Social and Emotional Learning at the University of British Columbia, with her work focusing on social and emotional development in schools. She helped establish the Bullying Research Network for scholars, and is a part of the UBC Human Early Learning Partnership, PREVNet (a national organization focused on “Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence”), and the Canadian Prevention Science Knowledge Cluster. Dr. Hymel is extensively involved in the research of school bullying prevention through various collaborations and initiatives.

The Vancouver Opera was founded in 1958 by a group of visionary community leaders who believed in the value of the performing arts to the life of a great city, and who recognized the power of opera to connect people to the universal human drama. The Vancouver Opera strives to be the destination performing arts organization that entertains, stimulates and enriches British Columbians, driven by programming that redefines 'opera' and revolutionizes its accessibility and community value.

TELUS is passionate about social responsibility and believes that in order to do well in business, the organization must also do well in the communities where its team members live and work. It is an integral part of its culture and brand promise – the future is friendly®. TELUS' goal is to help build healthy, sustainable communities, with a particular focus on empowering youth to reach their full potential and become leaders in philanthropy so that they can make a positive difference in their own lives and those of others.

The Lloyd Smith Solutions offers StrategicPlay as a powerful approach to solving business problems: it focuses on hands-on, minds-on, visual, and interactive experiences that engage whole brain thinking. Through the innovative use of LEGO® and other hands-on tools, StrategicPlay is an excellent tool used in customized workshops to facilitate leadership development, organizational development, community building, project management, team building, and much more.

Begun by Edith Lando, the foundation is dedicated to fostering the self esteem of children. It has supported a wide range of projects such as teacher training, the development and expansion of specialized programs in schools, as well as projects combating child abuse, bullying, and encouraging child development and welfare.

Hubert Kang is a documentary/advertising photographer based in Vancouver. He has worked with many international advertising agencies, hotels, and publications. Hubert's passion lies in documenting the real world and real people. He believes that the power of images can raise awareness of social issues and encourage changes.

Lemonni is a home decor and stationery line founded by entrepreneur and designer Annie Chen. Her creations feature bright colours and bold patterns, and are often inspired by nature and animals. She believes the importance of protecting the environment and animals, and fighting against inequalities in order so solve major social issues.

SL Productions is a Vancouver-based videography company that strives to tell meaningful stories of daily events through detail and creativity. We are inspired by the #IAmAntiBully movement and are proud to be partnering with the team to make a lasting and meaningful impact.

Fundraising & awareness campaign supporting anti-bullying programs in BC. since 2008. Has raised over $830,000 for programs focused on children building healthy relationships – both with themselves and others.



Established in 1993, Fairchild Radio Group is Canada’s only national multicultural radio network. With operations in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, Fairchild Radio has been serving the multicultural communities of Canada with three FM and two AM stations. CJVB-AM1470 is Vancouver’s most established, most complete multicultural radio station, and with the addition of CHKG-FM96.1 in 1997, Fairchild Radio has been able to target the fast growing Mandarin-speaking audience in Vancouver. Together the two stations provide 144 hours of Cantonese programming, 96 hours of Mandarin programming, plus broadcasting services to more than 40 ethnic communities in over 30 languages on a weekly basis.

UBC's Faculty of Education prepares professionals for practice in a wide range of education-related fields, from preschool through adulthood.

For over 50 years, the Faculty of Education has served the international education community through leadership in research, service, and advocacy. In British Columbia, more than 45% of the province’s elementary teachers, the majority of secondary teachers, and a significant proportion of BC’s special needs and First Nations teachers, counsellors, school administrators, school psychologists, and vocational rehabilitation counsellors, are prepared by the UBC Faculty of Education for their important roles.

The Canucks for Kids Fund dedicates resources to assist charities which support children’s health and wellness, foster the development of grassroots hockey, and facilitate and encourage education in British Columbia.

The Vancouver LEGO® Club is made up of adult builders, hobbyists and collectors from all around the Vancouver Lower Mainland who share a love of “the toy of the century”. Monthly meetings are held to socialize and to exchange ideas, inspirations, and even LEGO® bricks and sets.  The club’s goals include exhibiting public displays of original LEGO® creations and representing LEGO® in a positive, productive, enjoyable and educational light.

The secret ingredient of {Once Upon a Time} signature macarons: Stories. Enjoy the macarons featuring various characters; sense their heartfelt emotions, taste their unique characters, and savour their beautiful stories. May this sweet indulgence bring you joy and happiness, and may the delightful experience be a part of the sweet story of your own.

Living Lotus Food & Nutrition Inc. is committed to providing plant-based desserts that are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and soy.  We also provide a wider knowledge base by providing whole food workshops to anyone looking to add health into their life."

Oollo Tea is a small and independent company based in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in summer of 2013 by the Lo family. We are dedicated to source and supply rare teas directly from farmers and their tea gardens. With a small group of enthusiasts, we continue to grow and strive to be the best in direct trade fine tea.

Arianna Merritt, M.Ed., is a psychotherapist and educator whose mission is to help people smile in stressful situations. Arianna is the author of “Stand Tall & Speak From the Heart: How to Find Your Way” and the Founder of Arianna’s Random Thoughts – an interactive forum that provides individuals with the practical strategies, community, and mentorship to reach their full potential. Connect with her Facebook and on Twitter

Amoda Tea was founded for one reason: to make the world's best tasting teas more accessible. Amoda is the single destination for tea lovers to shop the best tasting and all-natural teas and blends crafted by small-batch blenders worldwide. We curate teas from conscious tea companies who are challenging the status quo by using ethically-sourced teas and premium ingredients that are always natural and healthy. This is what we call Craft Tea.

Strong's Market

Stong’s is a full service retail grocery store, established in 1910 in Toronto by the Stong Brothers, Carson and Joseph. Strong's is a 100% BC owned and operated and has been serving BC since 1931.  Stong’s also has Stong’s Express, an on-line shopping service that offers next day delivery to most of the lower mainland with dedicated personal shoppers and trucks on the road seven days a week.


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