Benefits of joining the #IAmAntiBully team:

#IAmAntiBully is a not-for-profit organization, 100% run by passionate volunteers who have a desire to make a difference in the lives of teens by empowering bystanders to take action against bullying behaviour. As a leader or core team member of this organization, you will be able to:

  • Influence / empower / support teens and their discovery of positive self images
  • Create community-based events and flex your creativity
  • Develop and enhance program management and leadership skills
  • Work with well-respected mentors / board members and industry professionals who can provide referrals upon completion of volunteer term
  • Gain volunteer hours as part of your contribution to the community

Current Director Openings

For experienced and aspiring leaders in corporate, NFP or entrepreneurial organizations with excellent management skills and a passion to collaborate with a team to achieve a mission that cannot be done individually.

Commitment is estimated to be 1-3 volunteer hours per week, from mid-2016 to end of 2017.

Director, School Program

Responsibilities: to design and develop a pilot school program that will partner with one or two like-minded organizations, as well as incorporating #IAmAntiBully community events and projects, to measure and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of such a school program on youth in Grades 8-10.

Qualifications: we are looking for an individual with an education background (preferably an educator or a Faculty of Education graduate student) with knowledge on structuring school programs and evaluation criteria - successful implementation experience in this area would be a great asset.

Director, Event Production

Responsibilities: to produce 2-3 major community events per year to engage youth and their circle of influence - parents, educators and community members - to learn why it is important to take a proactive stance against bullying behaviours and empower them to embrace diversity. Events held in the past include a LEGO event, an educator workshop and a concert fundraiser. Plans for next year include a potential book launch and parent engagement event.

Qualifications: we are looking for an individual with experience in project management and/or event production to lead volunteers to create community events that will inspire and engage youth and their circle of influence.

Director, Marketing & Communications

Responsibilities: to develop and manage a cohesive marketing strategy accompanied by a communications plan / social media content calendar to promote #IAmAntiBully activities and key messages. We plan to have quarterly update newsletters and want to engage and motivate young people online. We currently maintain three social media channels: facebook, twitter and instagram.

Qualifications: we are looking for a digital-savvy individual with marketing and/or communication experience, especially with social media, to lead volunteers to manage the #IAmAntiBully brand.

Director, Web

Responsibilities: to maintain and enhance the #IAmAntiBully website to reflect the organization’s activities and key messages.

Qualifications: we are looking for a technical individual with website management experience to manage the #IAmAntiBully website and other digital properties.

Director, Sponsorship

Responsibilities: to develop a fundraising strategy, create / revise sponsorship proposals and secure sponsorships / grants / funding with like-minded corporate partners, local businesses and government provisions.

Qualifications: we are looking for an individual with business development or fundraising experience, preferably with experience writing sponsorship and grant proposals, to lead volunteers to raise funds for #IAmAntiBully yearly activities.

Director, Membership

Responsibilities: to act as the central point of contact for the organization, coordinate volunteers and team member onboarding, ultimately managing the participant experience (event attendees, members, volunteers, donors).

Qualifications: we are looking for an individual with experience working with volunteers and focused on customer experience, to engage with those who interact and support the organization to maintain their loyalty and interest in continuing to support and partner with us.

Director, Finance

Responsibilities: to manage the #IAmAntiBully budget and bank account, and prepare annual reports to CRA.

Qualifications: we are looking for an individual with finance or accounting experience to keep up-to-date records and an audit trail for all transactions, protect the organization from fraud and ensure the organization compliant with tax regulations.

Director, Administration

Responsibilities: to organize the management team and related administrative tasks, set up meetings and capture meeting minutes for submission to the CRA.

Qualifications: we are looking for an organized and detail-oriented individual with administrative experience, strong written communications skills and proficient with MS Office, about to prioritize and complete tasks.

Join #Iamantibully as a volunteer

We are looking for young people passionate about empowering other young people, educators who would like to make a difference in school, parents who want a better environment for their children and community members who wish to see diversity embraced in the younger generation. This is a great opportunity for individuals interested in enhancing their skillsets and building leadership experience in the community. Responsibilities will vary depending on the department(s) and task(s) you would like to take on.

In addition to the departments listed above, we will also have an Art department dedicated to creating and publishing an eBook that will tell inspiring stories of young people who have dealt with bullying through words and images. We also have an existing Community Outreach department that establishes partnerships with other likeminded organizations in order to collaborate on initiatives that will help us move our mission and vision forward.

Commitment is estimated to be 4-8 volunteer hours per month.

Interested in lending your expertise to this cause?
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